How to Merge Safari Windows on Mac into Tabs

How to Merge Safari Windows on Mac into Tabs

It's simple to wind up having millions of Safari browser windows available to a Mac (or even Windows too). If you are like me you are apt to get a thousand browser windows open at exactly the same period, when you read, navigate, and research things across the web. This could make it very tough to keep track of sites which are available and finding things can be difficult as you have lost in the ocean of windows. Thankfully Safari has a wonderful feature that lets you merge most of the open windows into tabs within a single browser window.

The previous variant of Safari for Windows has been 5.1.7, published May 9, 2012. Apple no longer carves it officially, but the installer is readily found on the web at various sites that catalog computer software.

Even though it was published two variants of Windows ago, also sports a design that will be unfamiliar to those that use Safari on the Mac today, I set out to check if Safari for Windows is much usable and, even if it's, what kind of performance sacrifices would want to be produced visavis the principal browsers available for Windows today.

The first thing I needed to test was if Safari support for Windows would even work at all on my Windows 10 PC. With promoted compatibility for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, that I wasn't so sure. Thankfully, Safari installed just fine, and that I had no problems accessing it running in Windows 10.

Window Merging works exactly the same in Mac OS X Safari and Safari for Windows, Here Is What you will want to Accomplish:

  • That is all it's, Safari can do its magic and combine all of the open windows into tabs, also in case the open windows have their very own tabs.
  • The particular merging of windows usually takes a while when you have lots of tabs and windows open, so if you're using Safari with one hundred plus windows and tabs do not be astonished if the practice is a bit sluggish to complete. But once it has done, all the windows Safari will be in a single window using tabs as an alternative.
  • This trick effectively converts Safari browser windows into Safari browser tabs, that is often much easier to manage for some Mac users.
  • Now your ocean of Safari windows will be merged into a single window with many tabs instead, which makes it a bit easier to sort through and manage.
  • Tabs are an excellent feature and in a variety of ways are much more advanced than individual web browser windows within Safari. Incidentally, you may help to prevent the million browser window problem from making fresh browser windows open to Tabs instead, a straightforward settings modification that can be reached in exactly the Safari browser.

If you end up with this regularly, consider rendering it into a keystroke.

Either way, remember this feature the next time you're overwhelmed by browser windows, just merge them into tabs, and also make your Safari browsing lifetime simpler.

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